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Small Grants Programme

Between 2000 and 2016 the DCT awarded small grants to projects which benefited the community of the DCT area. Small Grants were seen by the Trust as ‘seed funding’ to help new and small local organisations to deliver activities and develop their services. Often and funded organisation would go on to receive a larger grant through the Strategic Grant Programme.

Grants of up to £5,000 were awarded to projects under the following Themes:

  • Community cohesion: celebrating the diversity of the DCT area, increasing the integration of marginalised groups, and helping people to feel safe and connected in their communities
  • Children and young people: helping the younger members of our community to reach their potential, addressing barriers to achievement
  • Older people: enabling older people to be actively involved in their communities and improving physical and mental health
  • Employment and training: developing skills and creating pathways into employment
  • Health & wellbeing: encouraging healthy lifestyles for residents of all ages and promoting mental wellbeing

In recent times, in light of developments across the DCT area, the Trustees encouraged applications that responded to the changing social and physical environment. For example, community cohesion projects that brought together new and existing residents, or projects that supported the wellbeing of residents living in areas with a high level of construction.

For further information on the Small Grants Fund:

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