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Small Grants 2014

In 2014 nine grants of up to £5,000 were awarded to:

2000 Community Action Centre

To deliver a football coaching programme for children aged 5-11 years old, living in and around the Pepys and Trinity estates and Deptford Park area.

Ampersand Media

To run a newspaper reading group which will use the discussion of the day’s news as a focus for improving the confidence and communication skills of unemployed and low-income individuals.


To develop coordinated activities across 3 community gardens, and increasing resident participation, with a particular focus on older people.

BelEve UK

To deliver a BEAM (Beautiful Empowered and Me) programme to 20 girls aged 10-14 years, living in the Evelyn ward of Deptford.

Hopewell Practice

To deliver a free community counselling service to 25 individuals from the DCT Area and working with each person over a period of six weeks.

London Community Building CIC

To deliver a 6-day introductory course to construction to NEET young people, as a stepping stone to apprenticeships and work placements.

Mobile Media Interactive

To produce a heritage documentary with young people aged 14 – 21 years living in the DCT area.

Montage Theatre Arts

To produce and run a series of ‘Scammers Beware’ anti-fraud shows for older residents living in the DCT and surrounding area.

Teatro Vivo

To develop a community chorus that will perform alongside a professional cast in The Hunters Grimm, a promenade theatre production taking place on and around Deptford High Street