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Mobile Media Interactive


Aims to educate young adults, children and young people in the art of film, video making and other types of media, in particular those people who are unfamiliar with such activities due to disability, age or economic circumstances. 

Their key activities include media training, media careers advice and film studies, using these to advise and encourage communities to create and take action towards sustainability of future employment, project portfolios, career knowledge, skills and experience to improve media credentials and access the employment market.

How DCT Grant was used:

DCT funding was used to produce a heritage documentary with young people aged 14 – 21 years living in the DCT area.

MMI used their DCT funding to produce a heritage documentary with young people aged 14 – 21 years living in the DCT area. The documentary will report on the heritage of their community, through the London Youth News Network (LYNN) which is a News programme made by young people for young people. LYNN is designed to allow young people to have their say about where they live and investigate their heritage and the heritage of their community. All the news programmes are written, produced, filmed and edited by the young people, which will be screened in October for Black History month.

Mobile Media Interactive (MMI) organized focus groups that, through discussions and surveys identified that young didn't know about their communities’ heritage and the heritage of their families, so by fusing technical video training knowledge and experience and exploring their heritage they could go on a journey of discovery

Case Study:

Jada, who is 16, did so well on the course that Mobile Media Interactive offered her a paid work experience placements, following which she became a Production Assistant on two feature films MMI was producing due for release in 2015. During her time with MMI after the course, Jada has been involved in all additional one day workshops and is being mentored by the CEO Shantelle Rochester. She has learned about all aspects of filmmaking including film pre-production and production as well as editing and is an accomplished editor. This course also resulted in an increase of Jada’s communication skills and confidence.

Jada also completed a 6 months education and work traineeship with our partner D.I.V.A films and ourselves from November 2014 to April 2015.  At DIVA, she furthered her English and soft skills and she developed her professional media skills at MMI. In addition, she will be able to achieve an Arts Awards through working with us.