09/03/18: The DCT Open Programme is currently closed and will open again in December 2018
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The Open Grants Programme - CLOSED until January 2020

The DCT Open Grants Programme is now closed for applications.  The next funding round will open in January 2020. 

About The Fund

The Deptford Challenge Trust (DCT) is a grant-making charitable trust that aims to improve the quality of life for people who live and work in a defined area of Lewisham, that covers Deptford and parts of New Cross (please see the map on the DCT website). DCT started out as part of the national City Challenge regeneration programme in the mid-1990s. In partnership with Goldsmiths University the Deptford City Challenge (as it was then known) invested part of the funding it was given in student accommodation. The Trust was set up, and through this rental income it has been able to provide grants to voluntary and community organisations for activities which benefit residents within the DCT area for almost 20 years. The Trust’s grant-making programmes are managed by The London Community Foundation.

Following a strategic review in 2016 the Trustees are pleased to launch this new fund, the Open Programme, in place of the Small Grant and Strategic Grant Programmes. The ethos of both these historic funds will remain and the DCT will continue to support small and new organisations through the provision of ‘seedcorn’ funding as well as encourage the strategic development of the DCT area and the organisations working within it. In 2018 Lendlease also contributed some funds to the Deptford Challenge Trust.

Fund Themes and Criteria

Organisations are invited to apply for funding under the following themes. The Trustees welcome applications for projects which work with residents of any age, gender and ethnic background.

  1. Education and skills – helping those who need extra support to either stay in education or return to it later in life;
  2. Community cohesion and social inclusion - celebrating the diversity of the DCT area and welcoming new arrivals into the community.
  3. Health & wellbeing – improving the wellbeing of all residents, in particular those with a physical disability, learning difficulty or mental health problem;
  4. Strengthening the DCT area – building capacity and connecting local organisations, creating a stronger, more resilient voluntary and community sector.

Grant Size & Eligibility Criteria

Community groups, registered charities, tenants and residents associations (TRAs), companies limited by guarantee, social enterprises or community interest companies (CICs) are all eligible to apply for one-year grants of £1,000-£30,000 (see eligibility criteria in the Fund Guidelines to see how much you are able to apply for).

The London Community Foundation Senior Programme Manager responsible for the Deptford Challenge Trust fund is Diana Fitzwilliam, 020 7582 5117, diana.fitzwilliam@londoncf.org.uk